Sarah the Blogging Bride – Choosing a Date

By Sarah Lebo

The first question everyone asks a newly engaged couple, after getting the proposal details, is “Did you set a date?” So, when people started asking us, Wes and I both gave them a vague answer like “We are thinking end of April/early May”.  We didn’t want to make a promise to anyone that the wedding would be on a specific date yet since we hadn’t chosen a venue at that point.  Many brides don’t realize that it is more difficult to have your date set before the venue.  Here’s why: First of all, if you’re planning to get married during a busy wedding season like the spring or fall, your date may not be available at the venue you’re looking at.  Secondly, if you have your heart set on a date that is meaningful to you and your venue of choice does not have that day available, you may be disappointed.  I would suggest choosing your venue first and to be open to getting married on a few different dates.


We decided to set a tentative date of May 16th of next year; a date that has no significant meaning to us.  The month of May, because I want a Spring wedding and a Friday night for a few reasons.  One, venues typically charge less for Friday night events as opposed to Saturday.  Two, vendors like florists and DJ’s get booked quicker on Saturdays than on Fridays since Saturdays are the most popular day to get married.  Another reason to choose a Friday as your wedding day is so that you have that extra day to either keep the party going or spend the rest of the weekend to relax before going on your honeymoon.  The next step in the wedding planning process is choosing a vendor/caterer.  All three venues we looked at, luckily had that date open.  After a few days of thinking and convincing my groom that our wedding day would be perfect in one particular location, we finally decided on our venue.  But that’s a whole other story I’ll save for another day! The main reason for this post is to announce our wedding date- May 16, 2014!!!

may flowers

Find out how we chose the venue/caterer next week!! Also, check out our Pinterest boards for all of your wedding inspiration!

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