The New Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of

By Sarah Lebo

navy print bm


We are seeing more and more printed bridesmaids dresses featured in real weddings and we LOVE it!  There is something that a printed dress brings to a picture that attracts the eye in a totally different way than a solid colored dress.  It not only creates a unique and styled look but it benefits your bridesmaids as they can wear their dresses again. FOR REAL!

The above picture shows how this bride made her nautical wedding a little more personal with these navy printed bridesmaid dresses.  They pair perfectly with the orange bouquets.

vintage bm


If you’re having a vintage wedding and like the idea of short dresses, this photo with the small print floral dresses is great inspiration for you.  And don’t even get us started on the adorable shoes and clutches!

miss match bm


Speaking of adorable, these bridesmaid dresses are all different styles and colors.  And to top it off, they are all holding different bouquets.  Who says everything has to match?  As long as it looks good and you love it, that’s all that matters!

Here are a few more fun, mismatch bridesmaid dress looks!

coordinated mismatch




vintage mismatch




These bright dresses are perfect for a summer wedding and so fun!

matching tie


This bride not only opted for print bridesmaid dresses but she also had the groomsmen match them with their blue ties which makes for an even flow of design.



We love these long, flowy dresses, especially accented with those beautiful umbrellas and earrings.



And last but not least, this gorgeous whimsical wedding would not have been the same without these colorful bridesmaid dresses.  They really bring all of the attention on the bride while still making an impression on their own.

No matter what wedding style, theme or vision you have in mind, a patterned bridesmaid dress will create the perfect pop and really get your guests talking about how innovative you are! And you’ll be on your bridesmaid’s good sides, giving them a beautiful dress that they won’t be embarrassed to wear!

To see more awesome patterned dresses, visit our Pinterest board!

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